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Upcoming Events at One Medicine Center and Earth Medicine Farm

 One of our goals at One Medicine Center, LLC  and Earth Medicine Farm, LLC is to be a “go to” place for many things to do with healing, health, personal growth,  happiness, wellness, learning, teaching, and sharing our deep love and respect for animals and Mother Earth.  In this spirit, we offer the following curated classes and events.

Previous Events

Drum Making Workshop, Saturday June 24, 2023 at OMC

We are so pleased to welcome drum maker Wayne Manthey!  Wayne will be teaching us as we build our very own drum.  Wayne will provide all of the necessary materials.  Students should bring a rock of significance or an antler that can be used on the back of the drum for a handle.  This is a 4 hour workshop, and you will leave with your drum completed.  

The class is limited to 15 students.

Costs are:

13 inch drum:  $155

16 inch drum:  $185

6.15.23:  We have only a few spaces left.  

Please email us to verify availability and

hold a space


2 Day Animal Communication Class January 21st and 28th, 2023 at OMC:  

Kathleen Leone of Rowan's tree will present this 2 day class on animal communication.  This class is for anyone curious about forming a deeper connection with other species, be it your own dog or cat, chicken, horse, the chickadee at the feeder, the grasshopper, etc.  Kathleen will introduce students to communicating on an intuitive level.  (We all have this ability, we just need to cultivate it.)  She will guide students through meditations and exercises and help students learn how to "focus, relax, and have an open heart to what animals domestic and wild have to share"

Class is limited to 15 students, and registration closes Monday Jan. 16th at noon.  The cost is $220 for the 2 day event.  

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