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Welcome to our place

Welcome!  We know you are thinking, why would I drive all the way to Angelica for care????? Well, we wanted to create a center for well being, and that is difficult to achieve in an urban setting.  We value the ability of nature to help us heal, and the value of connection to nature for our mental/spiritual well being.   From the choice of healing colors, to our choices in environmentally friendly, no VOC emission construction, we have designed a space that our patients love.  (We love to work here, too!)  Sometimes it's just nice to have a chance to BREATHE!
We are only 20 minutes west of Green Bay, 45 minutes north of Appleton, and an easy 2 hours from Milwaukee.  We are only a few country roads off of Hwy 29.
We are starting the "slow medicine" movement.  When you come to our center, there won't be a crowd waiting for care.  You will be our priority.  You should prepare to spend extra time with us, as our appointments are longer than traditional medical appointments.  We know that when we take the time to get to know our patients, their needs, goals, and story, our outcomes are better.
We designed our facility to be a calm, peaceful, nurturing oasis for both pets and  human patients.  Our clinic is set up with animals coming in one entrance, and people patients using the other.  If you would like to wander to "the other side", feel free.  We have a physical division between the spaces, just in case some of our human patients are uncomfortable around animals.  

We have outdoor spaces for you to enjoy.  Feel free to come a bit early, or stay a bit late, and enjoy strolling through our gardens.  We are right on the Mountain Bay trail, and encourage our patients to enjoy it as much as we do.  You can access the trail a few hundred yards down the road, or through a walking path.  Bring your bike, snowshoes, boots, or skis!

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