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Appointments and fees


Dr. Radwan prefers to start all new patients with the Comprehensive Integrative Consultation.  She has many modalities and options for her patients.  This in depth assessment allows her the greatest flexibility in tailoring a program to the individual patient.  If a client wishes to only have a chiropractic or acupuncture assessment and treatment for their pet, the appropriate appointment should be booked.

New Patient, Comprehensive Integrative Consultation:  $280

We recommend each patient start here.  This appointment is 75 minutes long.   It includes Dr. Radwan's  review of your pet's medical records and imaging prior to your appointment.  It also includes a comprehensive physical exam, as well as a detailed Chinese medical exam.  She will listen to you define your goals and expectations for your pet's well being, and create a way forward.  She will review medications, lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements.  She will make recommendations for nutrition, nutritional support, exercise, massage, and physical therapy as appropriate.  In the week following your appointment, Dr. Radwan will send you a care plan reviewing what was covered at your appointment, as well as detailing nutrition, supplements, and therapies recommended.  If appropriate, it will also include an evaluation for an herbal prescription.  The herbal medication may be an additional fee, based on patients with complicated conditions or cancer.


If you know you would like to add chiropractic or acupuncture treatments to your first appointment, please include that in a note when you book your appointment.  

Comprehensive Integrative Consult, Follow up:   $120

This is a 30 minute appointment, usually 4 to 6 weeks after you pet's initial appointment.  Dr. Radwan will perform another physical exam, review her recommendations, ask you for your observations, answer your questions, and determine if the initial plan needs modification.  This is a very important progress check that most clients feel really help advance their patient's health.   


Acupuncture, Initial:  $170

Dr. Radwan will review your pet’s medical history, perform a comprehensive physical exam, review xrays submitted, and provide treatment as appropriate.  The appointment usually lasts around an hour.  Your pet will need to lie quietly for the treatment, which can be a challenge for some!  Please make sure they get a good walk in before the treatment, and have toileted before entering the building.  (You are most welcome to walk them here at our farm, as long as they are leashed)  Bring them a bit hungry, and bring a container of their regular food to hand feed to keep them a bit still.  For very busy young patients, or those who might not enjoy handling, Dr Radwan has a super-pulsed acupuncture laser that lends itself to a shorter treatment period with less handling.  

Acupuncture, Follow Up:  $120

Acupuncture, Follow Up:  this is appropriate for patients seen for acupuncture in the last 6 months, with no significant new issues or concerns. 

Chiropractic, Initial:  $150

Dr. Radwan will review your pet’s medical history, perform a comprehensive physical exam, review xrays submitted, and provide treatment as appropriate. If your pet is generally healthy, in competitiion,  has mild mobility challenges, this is a good option.  If your pet has health challenges, mobility issues, aging concerns,  or if you are looking for a complete evaluation with more options, please book a Comprehensive Integrative appointment, as chiropractic would be just one option of many that could be very helpful.

Chiropractic, Follow Up:  $85

This appointment is for patients seen in the last 6 months with no significant new issues or concerns, and those looking for continued chiropractic for health, sport, and aging comfortably.

Existing Patient, New Concern:  $140

This appointment is for a patient who has been seen in the 6 months, but may have a new condition like a skin concern, ear infection, lameness, etc.


Phone Consult:  $ varies

This is a convenience for existing patients that live out of the area. This is to allow a more thorough discussion with the client to  address any follow up concerns, discuss or modify medication/nutrition/supplements/therapies, etc. The price varies with time needed to discuss concerns.


Your Homework Prior to Appointment:

Dr. Radwan spends a significant amount of time reviewing medical records, imaging, and history prior to your appointment.  This allows her to have a good introduction to your pet’s complete history, which allows her to focus on the primary concerns during the appointment.  This will make the appointment far more productive for both you and your pet.  To that end, she requires that you send all medical records either by mail or email, prior to your appointment. When you book the appointment, she will also email to you a history form, which you need to send back prior to the appointment as well.  Records can be emailed to her at


Payment is due at the time of service, without exception.  If you have pet insurance, you must submit the claim yourself.  Dr. Radwan will help by providing you with medical records and receipts as requested, so you can seek your own reimbursement. She will not deal with your insurance company directly.  

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