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Palliative Care

So, your pet has been diagnosed with cancer.  What next?  You have likely been offered referral to an oncologist to learn your options for treating or managing your pet's condition.  Often, when you opt for treatment, the main consideration is the chemo or radiation schedule.  (As is common with human patients, as well).   What if you could do more to support your pet during their treatment?  Dr. Radwan can offer a nutrition plan and acupuncture during the course of treatment.  She can also offer more care after the treatment course is over, with the goal at replenishing and building your pet's system up to restore energy, and enhance the immune system.

What if you decide not to "treat" the cancer?  Getting a cancer diagnosis doesn't mean there is nothing you can do for your pet beyond conventional cancer treatment .  A lot can be done for your pet, employing appropriate nutrition, nutraceuticals , herbs, homeopathy etc.  While these treatments may not cure cancer, many pets can become more vital, energetic, and have a better quality of life.

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