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Dr Radwan has 25 years of experience in large animal preventive health, performance medicine, medicine, and surgery. As her approach to medicine and wellness has evolved, she is happy to see your large animal or herd in a less traditional fashion.  

Although she will do her best to meet your needs, she cannot often be available for same day care.  You must have a traditional veterinarian for more urgent needs.


Dr. Radwan has a world of experience as both a dairy and beef veterinarian.  As an integrative veterinarian, she would prefer to work with herds who are certified organic, as she has many options to offer these patients within the framework of the organic standard.  For traditional farms, these patients, too,  can benefit from chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.

small ruminants and Camelids



Dr. Radwan has taken a recent interest in bees.  With the recent USDA recognition of bees as food animals, she realizes that beekeepers will need help if they need to treat their hives with medications.  With her extensive background in herd health in other species, she knows the key to production is to optimize health to prevent disease.  She looks forward to working with beekeepers in her community.

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