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Geriatric Pets

Often, we see our older pets slowing down, not wanting to jump onto our beds, the couch, the kitchen counters, or into our vehicle.  They may be stiff or lame trying to rise, or be sore after a day at the dog park.   They may be spending more time sleeping than they used to.  You may have spread carpet runners all over the house to keep them from slipping.   We are often sad, assuming that our friends are just getting old.  What we don't really consider is that some of our pets are actually uncomfortable.  Most are quite stoic, and don't show us that they have pain. If they could only tell us, we could be more proactive.

Today, we have many more options to improve our pet's quality of life.  We have tools to make them comfortable, and quite often they can  return to a more active, busy, fun life.

Dr. Radwan places great emphasis on nutrition and support with appropriate nutraceuticals.  As your pet's foundation is strengthened, their body is able to respond better to other modalities.  Our geriatric patients can often benefit from acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, conditioning, laser therapy, prescribed herbal medicine, etc.  

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